Adrian Pereda

Like many others, my passion for fitness began at a young age. Playing sports both recreational and in a competitive nature really helped structure my upbringings about fitness. But what really drove me to make fitness my passion and a top priority was the fact that I was overweight as a child. Depression, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence are but some of the few side effects of being overweight at any age. I realized at a young age that my eating habits needed to change or suffer the consequences and continue this unhealthy way of living. Soon after understanding the proper diet and what it took to take me to the next level I realized I can help people who are going through the same struggles. I pride myself in nutrition and the science behind it. Food works wonders if you can find what works for you! Let me help you cut all the guessing work by establishing a consistent and efficient nutrition and exercise regimen that revolve around your goals. (certifications: ISSA Personal Trainer certificate, Trx Suspension trainer 1 certificate, ISSA nutrition certification)