Fawad Akbar

Being overweight was something I had to live with my whole life; therefore I can understand the struggles first hand. I constantly battled with injuries varying from back pain to joint issues caused by my weight. I went through life feeling unhappy due to my weight. I’ve always wanted to lose weight, but like most people, I enjoyed eating fast food and never liked working out. Nonetheless, even when I was motivated to work out, I would never see any changes in my body. As a result, I resorted to tons of crash diet plans and diet pills that never worked. All I was doing was throwing my money down the drain because at the end of the day, I ended up weighing more than I was when I began. At this moment, that is when I realized it was time for a change.

I learned that the only way I will ever achieve my goals, is to do it the correct way. I had to change my lifestyle. After only a couple weeks of changing my diet to eating healthy clean foods and working out on a consistent basis, I started seeing changes in my body that I had never seen before. Dedicating myself to eating healthier and pushing myself to working out, resulted in my body seeing changes even faster. It wasn’t an easy experience, but now I can proudly say that I am in the best shape of my life. Seeing my transformation, was such a rewarding feeling. Seeing how this changed my life, only motivates me more to help other people change their life. When you see an effective method that works, it only makes you believe in it that much more. My own personal experience makes me extremely passionate about what I do and has inspired me to help anyone that is looking to change their lives.